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From the DLN Newsletter

Course content has been redesigned, developed and bundled into a course consisting of 5 Shareable Content Objects (SCO) using the new Army Course Authoring Tool (ACAT). Content is ready to be embedded into any LMS; however, including the necessary metadata is one of the last jobs to be done to truly call this a SCORM® compliant course.   MORE >>>

ACAT Application
CTC HQ Develops Courseware Authoring Tool
ACAT is the new software product that designers within G3 Trg Dev DLP, CTC Gagetown, have created and implemented for the development of their electronic courseware.. With the introduction of SCORM and the concept of sharable content, development of a better system for creating standardized and shareable courseware became a high priority. ACAT allows instructors to create and reuse learning objects and then bundle the Learning Objects into new courses. The courses can then be accessed through the repository or exported as a stand-alone or SCORM package. ACAT separates the content from the presentation allowing for maximum reuse without branding throughout CTC. The branding occurs in the presentation.  MORE >>>

 Army e-ECR Application
 CTC HQ Develops Electronic ECR Application
The CTC Headquarters has developed a web-based End Course Report (ECR) application for use by the Army Individual Training Design (AITD) section. This application will modernize the ECR process allowing all personal involved in the process to access and input information directly via a web page.  MORE >>>

 G3 Training Development Initiative
 Primary Leadership Course (PLQ) Improvement
G3 Training Development is currently pursuing several initiatives to improve the PLQ course:

The Combat Training Center Headquarters (CTC HQ) has recently engaged EDS, to conduct a review of the Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) with the view to focusing on what portions of the training could be targeted for delivery via an Elearning solution. MORE >>>

The G3 Training Development Cell is conducting a Target Population Analysis with current Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) students. This analysis presents students with several Distributed Learning (DL) and Information Technology (IT) questions. The results will be applied to the Army’s delivery of the PLQ and any future development of Elearning (EL) solutions to accomplish this.  MORE >>>

 E-Learning Symposium 5-6 Feb 2003
 Three Countries to Direct Military eLearning
[as reported in the Daily Gleaner on Friday February 7,2003
by Michael Staples]

As many as 200 military delegates and civilian experts from across Canada, the United States and Britain are meeting at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown this week to share information and strategy regarding e-learning. MORE >>> 
 E-Learning Symposium 5-6 Feb 2003
 Putting Electrons to the Screen -
Exploiting Technology to deliver Training

The Combat Training Centre (CTC) hosted a two-day seminar discussing eLearning on the 5th and 6th of February 2003. The primary focus is to educate and solicit buy-in from all Army Individual Training System’s Designers, Developers and Instructors. The title of our seminar is “Putting Electrons to the Screen - Exploiting Technology to Deliver Training”. The symposium will specifically address the why, what and how this will be accomplished within the Army. The two days will encompass presentations from CF and Allied forces and as well include demonstrations from industry. MORE >>> 

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