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The Combat Training Center Headquarters (CTC HQ) has recently engaged EDS, to conduct a review of the Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) with the view to focusing on what portions of the training could be targeted for delivery via an Elearning solution..

PLQ occurs in the second Development Period (DP 2) in a Non Commissioned Members (NCM) career path. A typical student will have several years in the Canadian Forces. PLQ candidates are selected by their home unit for their potential to progress to next rank. PLQ provides those junior leaders with the skills and knowledge required to become an effective leader at the section level. It includes such learning events as conducting section attacks, commanding patrols, establishing defensive operations. In addition, students are introduced to management skills, Army ethics, and administrative processes. Again, EDS’s report will focus on possible EL solutions that can improve the way the Army delivers this.

Also, as part of the analysis EDS will be providing a reviewing of this report to that of one completed for the Common Army Phase (CAP), which was produced in 2002 by Learn Stream. Although the target audience for CAP is the new Army Officer and occurs in the first Development Period (PD 1) in the Officer career path there is similar learning outcomes to that of the PLQ. The Training Development Cell intent is to exploit those similarities with the view to designing developing EL solutions once in order that our training dollars can go that much further. 

For more information, contact Captain Dennis Stutt at:
· Phone: 506-422-2000 extension 3301;
· CSN: 432-3301; or
· E-mail:

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