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Methods of Instruction LMS Ready
From the DLN Newsletter

Methods of Instruction – LMS Ready
Course content has been redesigned, developed and bundled into a course consisting of 5 Shareable Content Objects (SCO) using the new Army Course Authoring Tool (ACAT). Content is ready to be embedded into any LMS; however, including the necessary metadata is one of the last jobs to be done to truly call this a SCORM® compliant course. 

This screenshot depicts BIT general course details.

This screenshot provides more detailed information on the BIT course as well as the 5 sections of learning (SCO’s) learners will access to progress through the material.

This screen shot depicts the introduction page to the section of learning titled “Principles”. Objectives are listed for learners to accomplish while working through the section. Teaching points are accessed in the menu at the left of the screenshot.

For More information, feel free to contact Lieutenant Rob Ouellette:
· Phone: 506-422-2000 extension 4071;
· CSN: 432-4046; or
· E-mail:

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