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Day 1 - 05 Feb 03
0800 Participants seated: VIP seating and administration details issued/updated Tactics School – Master of Ceremonies 
Major Cotton
0815-0830 Commander Land Force Doctrine and Training System Major General Arp
0830-0845 Commander Combat Training Centre Colonel Ward
0845-0940 Keynote Speaker Major Regan Legassie
0940-1010 Coffee Tactics School
1010-1045 Canadian Army Colonel Jorgensen – Director Army Training
1050-1130 Canadian Forces Training Support Group Capt Bill Griffis, and Capt Bruce Staton 
1130-1315 Lunch - VIP Luncheon Green Room – by invitation  
1315-1400 United States Army: United States Army Training Support Centre LTC Kerry Straight, LTC Deborah Jones-Harris
1405-1450 British Army: Directorate of Individual Training Policy (British Army) Major Lucy Finney
1450-1510 Break Tactics School
1510-1555 Training and Education Command - 
United States Marine Corps
Major Tom Wright
1600-1645 ACOS LFCA Colonel Halfper
1645-1700 Day one wrap up - Commander CTC Colonel Ward

Day 2 - 06 Feb 03
0900-1600 Industry/Allied Demonstrations All day event – for all other CTC pers
0800 Participants seated – Administration details issued/updated Tactics School
0800-0845 Keynote Speaker Mr Ed Topolski - Content Alive Inc
0850-0930 CLFCSC - Army Operation Course /Tactical Command and Staff Course Major Cotter
0930-1010 CTC Infantry School - Infantry 6B Captain Fletcher
1010-1040 Coffee Tactics School
1040-1120 CTC Tactics School - Army Tactical Operation Course/Primary Leadership Qualification Major Hernen
1120-1200 Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering Major Peril
1200-1330 Lunch  
1330-1410 CTC - G6 CTAPC Major Stocker
1410-1500 Keynote Speaker Rik Hall - University of New Brunswick
1500-1530 Break Tactics School
1530-1615 Panel Session: 
Comd CTC 
Major Daniels
1615-1630 Day two wrap up - Commander CTC Colonel Ward

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