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Commander's Welcome Commander's Welcome
On behalf of all ranks Combat Training Centre, welcome to the G3 Training Development Cell Symposium Website.

The title of the symposium is “Putting Electrons to the Screen - Exploiting Technology to Deliver Training.” The symposium will specifically address the why, what and how of this and will commence with me outlining my intent and vision with respect to the exploitation of technologies to distribute Army Individual Training worldwide. The two days will encompass presentations, demonstrations and syndicate work, culminating in the development of a final report which will lead to a further coalescence of the Army and CTC Elearning policies. The size of the audience will be limited to approximately 250 participants. The vast majority will be made up of military instructors from a variety of training establishments who we believe are second to none in the delivery of traditional face-to-face training. However, recognizing the great potential for delivering more effective and efficient training through the exploitation of technologies, the challenge we, as an Army, now face is to educate and support our staff through the transition from what they now do well to the realm of Elearning.

As a backdrop to the two days of presentations, industry representatives have been invited to set up stands to demonstrate their products as well as to educate on future technological advancements. Tentatively, these demonstrations are scheduled for 0900-1600 hrs on 6 February 2003.

 I hope that you enjoy our symposium, and trust that you will find it both interesting and informative. I look forward to seeing you in February

- Colonel MJ Ward, CD, Commander CTC
 E-Learning Symposium 5-6 Feb 2003
 Putting Electrons to the Screen -
Exploiting Technology to deliver Training

In our continued effort to move forward and exploit the use of technology to deliver Army training, the Combat Training Centre (CTC) will be hosting a two-day seminar on E-learning on the 5th and 6th of February 2003. The primary focus is to educate and solicit buy-in from all Army Individual Training System’s Designers, Developers and Instructors. The title of our seminar is “Putting Electrons to the Screen - Exploiting Technology to Deliver Training”. The symposium will specifically address the why, what and how this will be accomplished within the Army. The two days will encompass presentations from CF and Allied forces and as well include demonstrations from industry. There will also be some syndicate work.
05 Feb 2003
  Keynote Speaker #1 - Academia:
Carl Berger, University of Michigan. 0845-0930 hrs
06 Feb 2003
  Keynote Speaker #2 - Industry:
Ed Topolski, Content Alive Inc.
  Keynote Speaker #3 - Military:
Major Regan Legassie, CF Joint Support Group.

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