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CTC Distributed Learning Symposium 5-6 Feb 03
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The keynote speakers for the symposium have been selected to provide insights into distributed learning from the view point of Academia, Industry and the Military.

Carl Berger, Director of Advanced Academic Technologies, Collaboratory for Advanced Research and Academic Technologies - Professor of Science and Technology Education - School of Education, University of Michigan. Carl was the Winner of the 2001 EDUCAUSE Award for Leadership in Information Technologies

Carl F. Berger, Sr. is currently a Professor of Science and Technology Education and Advisor in Science and Instructional Technology for the School of Education at the University of Michigan. Additionally, he is a member of the Information Technology Division's Executive team and Academic Liaison for me in my role as Chief Information Officer of the University of Michigan. Carl plans to retire in three years and is phasing down his schedule; however, even in "phased-down" mode he is co-investigator for the Visible Human Project, where he is leading the User Interaction Team for design of the Visible Human software user interface. He also serves as a member of both the Visible Human Administrative and Executive Teams.

Ed Topolski, is Manager of Instructional Design at Content Alive, Inc. a leading provider of knowledge management products and services. With over 28 years of Instructional Design experience and a solid educational background, Mr. Topolski is committed to using a systematic approach to the design, development, delivery and evaluation of training. 

Mr. Topolski has provided his expertise to a variety of organizations and industries such as: The Department of National Defense, Distributed Learning Project where he was instrumental in creating a media selection model and analyzing DND requirements, infrastructure, and learning management needs; Applied Courseware Technology, where he developed a model for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation for media selection on the Commanche program; Human Resources Development Canada, where he developed a strategic model to determine existing service gaps in youth programming and services for the Fredericton region, and The Department of Fisheries and Oceans, where he designed the Fishery Officers Career Training Program.

Maj Legassie is the Training Development Officer (TDO) for the Canadian Forces Joint Support Group Headquarters, CFB Kingston, Ontario and is a doctoral student in Educational Technology at the University of Calgary. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1992 and has served in Victoria, Calgary, Borden and Kingston. 

During his career as a Training Development Officer, Major Legassie has designed, facilitated and managed the development of distributed learning and technology-based programs in support of Naval Officer Career Training, Military Police Criminal Investigator Training, Educational Technology and Human Resources Development. As a project manager, Regan has supervised instructional design teams, produced Statements of Work and Requests For Proposals for Technology Based Training projects and managed external contractors. Maj Legassie has also served as the Senior Instructor for the TDO Basic Qualification Course. While posted to CTFDC, Maj Legassie served as the initial Project Officer for the CF Distributed Learning Instructors (DLI) Course. In his current job, he serves as the Training Coordinator for the newly formed CF JSG. 

05 Feb 2003
  Keynote Speaker #1 - Academia:
Carl Berger, University of Michigan. 
0845-0930 hrs
06 Feb 2003
  Keynote Speaker #2 - Industry:
Ed Topolski, Content Alive Inc.
0800-0845 hrs
  Keynote Speaker #3 - Military:
Major Regan Legassie, CF Joint Support Group.
1105-1145 hrs

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